Notifications & Others

Government Notification on 20.03.2012 & 9.05.2012 to constitute Meghalaya Biodiversity Board Download
Chairman of Meghalaya Biodiversity Board

Taking over of Dr. Shreeranjan, IAS, as the Chairman of Meghalaya Biodiversity Board

Taking over of Shri. M. S. Rao, IAS as the Chairman of Meghalaya Biodiversity Board Download
Preliminary Notification of Khlaw Kur Syiem KmieIng Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS) Download
Report of the Expert committee on BMC Download
District Nodal Officers Download
Notification of Technical Support Groups(TSGs) Download
Members of the Board

Notification of Non-Official Members

Nomination of Non-Official Members Download
Recommendation of the expert Committee on BMC Constitution and effective Coordination Download
Expert Committees of MBB Download
Gazette Notification of ABS Guidlines Download
Botanical Gardens in Meghalaya Download
Biosphere Reserve In Meghalaya Download
Herbarium Download
Protected Areas in Meghalaya Download
Repositories of Biodiversity Act Download
Five Year Plan on BMC Download
Species on the Verge of Extinction Download